With our partner’s expertise merged with our supplying and contracting capabilities, IMG serves to government & utility networks and general contractors  all of the world mainly with the following lines of application;

  • Supply of overhead line materials and fittings
  • Supply of OHTL steel towers and poles, distribution pole, aluminum pole, decorative pole, catenary pole, palm tree pole, street lighting pole, lightning pole, gsm tower and pole, areal lighting and high masts, stadium poles
  • Erection of the latticed and polygonal overhead transmission line towers
  • Erection of gsm (telecommunication) towers
  • Stringing of the conductors/OPGW of the overhead transmission lines
  • Installation of the underground power cables and fiber optic cables
  • Testing of the fiber optic and power cables and preparation of the test reports
  • Commissioning of the fiber optic cables, OPGW and power cables
  • Design of the latticed steel towers
  • Tower spotting with PLS-CADD


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