Iron – Aluminum- Steel Casting

Iron – Aluminum- Steel Casting

Casting is one of the foundation of modern machinery manufacturing industry technology. Ductile casting manufacturing industry is facing more frequency to speed up the manufacture object, personalized prominent processing object, because in front of the machine tool industry provides processing and manufacturing equipment, product variety is also the same requirements.

Ductile casting technology is a kind of electromagnetism pump low pressure casting technology as the core, with compound purification technology of aluminum alloy smelting and modeling and core making new process technology, production of high quality ductile casting the modern molding technology.


All types of casting products are manufactured for below fields:

  •  Automotive industry
  • Valves and pumps
  • Cement industry
  • Machinery parts
  • Railway and Locomotive Castings
  • Special products
  • Bearing Caps
  • Agricultural Items
  • Hardware/Fittings


Casting Types:

Iron casting – GG :

Ductile Iron Casting – GGG

Steel Casting

Aluminum Casting

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