Control Systems Installations and Telecommunication Towers Supply & Erection

Control Systems Installations and Telecommunication Towers Supply & Erection

With the engineering and site experiences, starting from the engineering up to final acceptance of the projects, IMG has the know-how of every process in the following telecommunication and control systems;


  • SDH & PDH fiber optic & MW radio systems
  • Terminal & D/I multiplexers and X-Connects
  • Power Line Carrier (PLC), Line Tuner & Line Traps
  • UHF & VHF fixed, Tetra, conventional and & mobile radio systems
  • Data systems based on X.25, TCP/IP, Frame Relay & ATM protocols
  • PABX and Dispatcher Telephone Systems
  • Remote Terminal Units & SCADA systems
  • Fiber Optic (U/G, ADSS & OPGW)
  • DC, AC and Solar Power Plants for TLC applications
  • Active & Passively cooled TLC shelters including U/G applications
  • Telecommunication tower & antenna systems
  • Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishing, CCTV, Public Address, Access, turnstile and security systems
  • TV/Audio program transmitters and studios
  • GSM network infrastructure with 900/1800 bands
  • Coverage in areas such as metro & highway tunnels

Switchboards (PAX, BRI ISDN systems),telecommunication systems built with the long ranged base stations


  • Operation & maintenance services
  • Project Preparation


The capabilities of IMG for telecommunication and control systems projects are as following:

Initial Phase

Consultancy services for network design and assistance in preparation of project specifications

Tendering Phase

  • Make local alliances (in case requested)
  • Carry out full engineering and design of the system
  • Provide a competitive offer following surveys and meetings with the customer for a bid to the specific needs of the customer

Execution Phase

  • Establishing Project Office
  • Supervision or turn-key installation, testing & commissioning as may be required
  • Professional Project Management intended for a timely and smooth completion of the contract

Execution Phase copy

After Sales Phase

  • Maintenance activities
  • Training for engineer and technicians
  • Training Center Establishment (If required)
  • Work with customer for continuous upgrades of system in line with needs and new developments


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